NO!!! ON MT Initiative I-177

Here is another huge threat to our lifestyle and heritage in Montana. Trapping, Then Hunting, Then Fishing is there stated agenda. If you are into taking public land and resources from the public, better find another guy to fish with while you still can.

Spruce moths and Terrestrials leading the charge. Hoot owl closure and rolling off by 2:00.


Hoot Owl Scorcher

Hoot owl in effect as of tomorrow afternoon on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Clark Fork. Hot temps in the forecast and not a cloud in sight. Not exactly great trout fishing weather. Spruce Moths, Hoppers, and goofy foam leading the charge these days. Fish early, leave early.DSCF1145

Strange Start to July

The bump in flows last week were something. Not very often you see a jump in flows like that in July. The fish are settling back into their groove after the rain. The first few sunny days are never easy after a cool and cloudy stretch, but look for the consistent weather to have them back on the feed. Bugs as always are where you find them. PMDs (and Rustys) and Hoppers leading the charge during the day, with caddis towards evening. DSCF2419

Warming up out there

The first few Montana Rivers have gone into hoot owl restrictions to the south and east of us. While we haven’t seen the water temps they are down there we aren’t far behind. The cooler weather in the forecast is a sign of hope, no mater how short lived it may be. Fishing is good, and there are still plenty of bugs to be found out there if you know when and where to look.


Be careful out there

The rivers in the Missoula area are big right now, and the Bitterroot specifically is very dramatic. You will find few rivers that alter course and shift as much as this one. If you don’t know, ask somebody. Let’s keep the stupid human stuff in Yellowstone. The big bugs are out and fish are eating them, so go fishing.